North Clackamas Parks District Property Exchange, Measure 3-425 (May 2013)

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A North Clackamas Parks District Property Exchange proposal was approved on the May 21, 2013, election ballot in Clackamas County, which is in Oregon.

This measure showed voter support of the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District exchanging a portion of the Tolley Trail with Trimet to be used to finish the Portalnd Milwaukie Light Rail line. This was an advisory vote only and no action resulted directly from the approval of this measure.[1]

Election results

Measure 3-425
Approveda Yes 9,388 55.1%
These results are from Clackamas County elections office

Text of measure

Question on the ballot:

Should the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District exchange a portion of the Trolley Trail with TriMet?[1][2]


In September, 2012, County voters approved Measure 3-401, calling for a public vote before any County resources are used for Public Rail Transit. North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) is legally distinct from the County, and any measure binding NCPRD needs to be voted on only by voters within its boundary.

However, the NCPRD board is seeking an advisory vote from its voters on the following:

Question: Should the NCPRD sell a portion of the “Trolley Trail” property to TriMet, where TriMet would:

• Sell a strip of adjacent property to NCPRD for the trail;

• Construct that section of the trail without cost to NCPRD; and

• Provide NCPRD with additional compensation to make up the difference in value?

NCPRD is considering this transaction because, under the terms of a 2010 Agreement with TriMet, NCPRD is obligated to negotiate in good faith to take actions necessary to complete the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail project. The district would also avoid approximately $400,000 in construction costs and would receive additional cash from the sale.[1][2]

Explanatory Statement

Trimet light rail train

This Advisory Question asks voters within the boundary of the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) whether the NCPRD should sell approximately 0.6 miles of the 6-mile Trolley Trail property to TriMet. In exchange, TriMet will sell NCPRD 0.6 miles of adjacent property; construct the trail at TriMet’s cost and provide NCPRD with additional funds. NCPRD acquired the Trolley Trail property, including the segment discussed in this Measure, from Metro in 2005. Under the terms of the agreement with Metro, if the property is no longer used for green space/trail purposes, NCPRD needs to either repay the cost of the property or purchase replacement green space. TriMet is constructing the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail line (PMLR), which will run from Downtown Portland to a proposed station near the intersection of Park Avenue and McLoughlin Boulevard. The PMLR line will follow an alignment selected by area governments as the Locally Preferred Alternative in 2008. In 2010, NCPRD along with Clackamas County signed an agreement recognizing this route and agreeing to negotiate in good faith to complete all transactions necessary related to the same. In 2012, the NCPRD Board authorized TriMet to begin construction activities on the Trolley Trail in return for a guarantee that TriMet would construct that portion of the trail at TriMet’s expense, currently estimated at $400,000. The portion of the Trolley Trail at issue runs from River Road to Park Avenue, adjacent to McLoughlin Boulevard. Under the terms of the transaction, the NCPRD would sell approximately 2 acres of the Trolley Trail property to TriMet for the Portland/Milwaukie light rail project. TriMet would sell the NCPRD the adjacent strip of property of approximately 1.2 acres, and construct the Trolley Trail. TriMet would compensate the NCPRD for the difference in value between the two properties. This Measure asks the NCPRD voters whether the NCPRD Board should go forward with the property transaction. MAPS OF THE SUBJECT PROPERTIES, AND COPIES OF THE AGREEMENTS DISCUSSED ABOVE ARE AVAILABLE AT WWW.CLACKAMAS.US.

This is an Advisory Measure and does not have the force of law.

The actions authorized by this measure would be one-time authorizations that end with the completion of the project. The cost of staff time for completion of these items would not be likely to exceed $10,000.

Submitted by
Dan Chandler
Strategic Policy Administrator
North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District[1][2]


No statement was submitted in support of this proposition. If you have an argument that you would like posted here please email


Below is a statement in opposition to the measure:

The Trolley Trail is a local historical treasure, a Linear Park for which the deed is held in trust for the Citizens by the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD). The NCPRD Board of Directors and the County Commissioners (BCC) are one and the same.

When a previous BCC approved the Master Plan (MP) for the Trolley Trail there was no Tri-Met/Light Rail (PMLR) in the picture. If you look at the beautiful front cover of the Trolley Trail MP you will see a beautiful treed pathway along McLoughlin Blvd. When light rail entered the picture, NCPRD agreed to let Tri-Met design and construct the Linear Park between River Road and Park Avenue but to do it per NCPRD’s design and with NCPRD’s oversight because the property is in NCPRD’s trust. All that has gone by the wayside as Tri-Met came along and destroyed the beautiful Park to suit their own purpose only. Tri-Met has already clear cut hundreds of trees along our Linear Park, including the ones on the front cover of the MP. The scars they have inflicted will take decades to repair and will not happen in my lifetime.

There is no reason to believe Tri-Met will start becoming good stewards moving forward.

The agreement with Tri-Met doesn’t require us to sell our park lands to them outright.

Keep this in mind: Who owns controls! I say give them as little control as possible. I don’t know if it is too late to reroute this travesty (after all this is only an advisory vote) but I want the NCPRD Board (aka the BCC) to have my full encouragement to use whatever tools they possess to limit future damage to the Trolley Trail.

I urge you to join me in voting NO on this particular ballot measure.

Thelma Haggenmiller

Friends of the Trolley Trail – Logistics Coordinator[1][2]

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