North Dakota's petition drive deadline is only weeks away

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July 14, 2010

By Bailey Ludlam

BISMARK, North Dakota: The final petition drive deadlines are quickly approaching. In North Dakota the deadline arrives Wednesday, August 4. Unlike other states, North Dakota has one deadline for all proposed initiatives but like most states, has differing requirements depending on the type of initiative proposed. In order to qualify for the November general election ballot supporters of proposed measures must submit a minimum of 25,688 valid signatures for initiated constitutional amendments or 12,844 for either initiated state statutes or veto referendums.

There is no voter registration process in North Dakota. That means that, unlike other states where signatures on petitions are verified by comparing them to the voter registration signature on file for a particular voter instead, the North Dakota Secretary of State checks the validity of a random sample of the signatures on initiative petitions by questioning the voters who appear to have signed the petition. The process of verifying the signatures may be completed through either post cards, telephone calls or personal interviews.

Currently proposed initiatives include:

Type Title Subject Description
CISS Fenced Hunting Ban Initiative Hunting Bans fenced hunting such as game preserves where people pay to shoot big-game animals
CISS Pharmacy Ownership Repeal Healthcare Repeals the provision that requires pharmacies to be majority-owned by pharmacists
CISS Alcohol Tax Increase Initiative Alcohol Taxes on beer, wine and liquor
CISS Read Bills Before Vote Initiative Admin of gov't Requires lawmakers to swear they've read a bill before they vote to approve it
CICA Term Limits Amendment Term limits Would limit legislators and executive branch office holders to two terms
CICA Property Tax Amendment Taxes Eliminates property taxes as a source of state revenue
CISS Abortion Instrument Ban Abortion Would ban the use of instruments that would decapitate or crush the skull of a fetus
CICA Religious Freedom Amendment Religion Prohibits gov't from burdening person or organization from religious liberty
VR Fireworks Referendum Business Would allow bottle rocket sales to people older than 17
CICA Redistricting Amendment Redistricting Would require that legislative district lines be drawn by an independent commission

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