North Dakota "Fighting Sioux" veto referendum petition deadline a week away

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January 30, 2012

By Bailey Ludlam

BISMARK, North Dakota: The petition drive deadline for one of the two proposed "Fighting Sioux" initiatives is only a week away.

After years of debates and lawsuits, supporters of the use of the "Fighting Sioux" nickname by the University of North Dakota filed two initiatives: a veto referendum and an initiated constitutional amendment.

The proposed referendum would allow for the University of North Dakota to use the "Fighting Sioux" nickname and logo by repealing Senate Bill 2370, a law that repealed an earlier mandate requiring the use of the nickname.

In order to qualify the referendum for the June primary 2012 statewide ballot a minimum of 13,500 valid signatures are required by February 7.

According to reports, the supporters may just barely meet the minimum petition requirement. Spokesperson Reed Soderstrom said, "The best I can say right now is it’s a horse race. It’s going to be close. We’re either going to make it by a little or miss it by a little."[1]

Supporters, however, said that they are confident that the proposed amendment will make the deadline for qualifying the initiated constitutional amendment for the November 2012 ballot. A minimum of 26,904 valid signatures are required by August 8.[1]

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