North Dakota Family Law (2006)

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North Dakota's Family Law (or Petition 4-11-2006) is a citizen-initiated state statute that would add a new section to Chapter 14-02.4 of the North Dakota Century Code on divorce-related matters and would provide that public officials who unlawfully discriminate have no immunity from prosecution or civil suit; that parties in domestic relations cases be accorded a jury trial; that parents have joint and equal child custody in most cases; that parents in a divorce case must agree on a joint parenting plan; that parental rights in domestic violence cases could only be limited if the parent poses an actual threat to the child; that child support payments would not be required in joint custody situations; that child support payments in non-joint custody situations would not be for more than the child's basic needs; that spousal support would not be required; that criteria be established for the division of property; that pre-nuptual agreements be required sixty days prior to marriage; and that an elected office of family advocate be established.


Roland Riemers, of Emerado, who drafted the initiative petition and was the campaign's chief organizer, said he intended to draft another measure that would be simpler and easier to understand.[1]


Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot Failed to make 2006 ballot.

Riemers' petition needed signatures from at least 12,844 North Dakota voters, which is the minimum needed to put a proposed state law directly to a statewide vote. A proposed constitutional amendment needs at least 25,688 signatures.[2]

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