North Dakota House Bill 1372 (2013)

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North Dakota House Bill 1372 (2013)
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Legislature:North Dakota Legislature
Text:HB 1372
Sponsor(s):Senators: David Hogue (R-38)) and Ron Carlisle (R-30); Representatives Andrew Maragos (R-3), Joe Heilman (R-45) and Nancy Johnson (R-37)
Legislative History
Introduced:January 21, 2013
State house:February 4, 2013
State senate:March 25, 2013
Governor:Jack Dalrymple
Signed:April 12, 2013
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing ballot measures in North Dakota
Code:Elections Code
Section:Title 16
Impact on initiative rights
Citizens in Charge Foundation#Legislation ratingsCICF rating:
Reduces Access
Citizens in Charge Foundation#Legislation ratings

House Bill 1372 was sponsored by three Representatives, Andrew Maragos (R-3), Joe Heilman (R-45) and Nancy Johnson (R-37), and two Senators David Hogue (R-38)) and Ron Carlisle (R-30). It was introduced in late January and approved in the House with 3 dissenters on February 4 and in the Senate with one dissenter. Governor Jack Dalrymple signed HB 1372 on April 12, 2013.[1]


According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, House Bill 1372, "Provides that upon submission of the petitions to the secretary of state, the petitions are considered filed and may not be returned to the sponsoring committee for the purpose of continuing the circulation process or resubmitting the petitions at a later time."[2]

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