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North Dakota House Concurrent Resolution 3011 (2013)

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North Dakota House Concurrent Resolution 3011 (2013)
Flag of North Dakota.png
Legislature:North Dakota Legislative Assembly
Text:HCR 3011
Sponsor(s):Listed in article
Legislative History
Introduced:January 15, 2013
State house:March 21, 2013
State senate:April 24, 2013
Governor:Jack Dalrymple
Signed:May 6, 2013
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing initiatives in North Dakota
Code:North Dakota Constitution: Powers Reserved to the People
Section:Article III, Section 216
Impact on initiative rights
Citizens in Charge Foundation#Legislation ratingsCICF rating:
Reduces Access
Citizens in Charge Foundation#Legislation ratings

North Dakota HCR 3011 was sponsored introduced on January 15, 2013, and signed into law on May 6, 2013.[1][2]


ND HCR 3011 establishes:[2]

  • The requirement that initiated measures with "significant" estimated fiscal impacts must be put on general election ballots, instead of being voted on at a primary or other election
  • A prohibition against the circulation of a petition to initiative a constitutional amendment that would directly appropriate public funds or require lawmakers to directly appropriate funds for a specific purpose.

The statement of intent for HB 1451 was: "The measure would require that initiated measures that are estimated to have a significant fiscal impact must be placed on the general election ballot. The measure also would prohibit the approval for circulation of any petition to initiate a constitutional amendment that would make a direct appropriation of public funds for a specific purpose or require the legislative assembly to appropriate funds for a specific purpose."[1][2]


HB 1451 was sponsored by 6 Republican state legislators; four were Representatives and two were Senators.[2]


The sponsoring representatives were:[2]


The sponsoring senators were:[2]

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