North Dakota Secretary of State confirms pharmacy initiative won't appear on ballot (updated)

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August 20, 2010

BISMARK, North Dakota: Secretary of State Al Jaeger announced on Thursday, August 19, that he won't be reconsidering his decision to disqualify the proposed North Dakota Pharmacy Ownership Repeal Initiative. His decision comes one day following a request by supporters' for him to reverse his decision.[1]

The initiative proposed repealing North Dakota's pharmacy ownership law. Initiative supporters were required to collect a minimum of 12,844 valid signatures by August 4. Days following the petition drive deadline state officials stated that although the initiative exceeded signature requirements, it failed to qualify for the ballot because supporters failed to submit a list of sponsoring committee members with the petition sheets.[2]

According to reports, should supporters' want to continue pursuing avenues to qualify the measure a legal challenge is an option. However, a court decision would have to be made prior to the September 8 deadline to certify measures for the November ballot.[1]

UPDATE: The North Dakota Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on September 1.[3]

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