North Dakota launches new election website in time for primaries

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June 11, 2010

BISMARK, North Dakota: The North Dakota June 8 primary was quiet this year with just over a 20 percent voter turnout, 2 percent less than previous years. Despite the low turnout and no measures on the statewide ballot, the June election helped launch a new state election website -[1] According to Secretary of State Al Jaeger the site was a success. The website received more than 150,000 views and received positive comments about the site's format and ease of use. The site features precinct information, ballot information and election results.[2]

However, despite the positive reviews state officials reported that some changes will be made to fine tune the site. The secretary of state reports that the want to make all navigation links visible on all pages.

But as with any election, the results were not instantaneous, and some counties had their numbers posted much later than others. Silrum said this could be due to a large number of write-in`s that had to be counted by precinct election boards. But every county had results posted by 2 a.m.: a record time. "We'll put greater enhancements on it to make the process be a bit more seamless, smooth, easy to work through for the election officials," said Jim Silrum, North Dakota deputy secretary of state.[3]

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