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Northwest Municipal Conference

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Northwest Municipal Conference is a government sector lobbying association in Illinois. It works to strengthen intergovernmental relationships in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago, and represents about 40 of these.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Illinois government sector lobbying

The Northwest Municipal Conference has lobbying representation from Anderson Legislative Consulting.[2] Local governments, like Wheeling, Illinois, pay membership dues to the organization.[3][4]


The Conference offers programs for purchasing equipment. It hosts a joint purchasing program that combines the buying power of members for products ranging from fire engines to paper products.[5] The Conference also offers several "environmentally conscious" products such as hybrid vehicles and bio-degradable janitorial supplies. It also hosts annual live auctions that attract hundreds of bidders looking for deals on surplus vehicles and equipment.[5]

Training available for elected officials and local government staff ranges from the mechanics of good government to computer network security to personnel development. The organization also helps in measuring and comparing the performance of several government departments to improve the provision of local services.[5]

The organization sees itself as a forum for easing communication.[5] It is a forum for addressing local disputes between residents, and a forum for sharing information between communities.

Additionally, the Conference offers confidential assistance to help local government staff deal with personal issues.

Income and expenses

United Counties Council of Illinois
Year Total expenses Total income Membership dues
(included in "Total income")
2007[6] $1,172,206 $1,382,661 $626,124
2006[7] $1,083,619 $1,210,992 $606,114
2005[8] $1,016,404 $1,124,242 $553,078

Note: Tax years begin May 1 and end April 30 of the following year.

Pension crisis in Illinois

One issue the Northwest Municipal Conference is focused on is the pension crisis. Because mandatory pension payments to some employees hit hard at municipal budgets, the issue is of particular importance to the group. The group established the Pension Fairness Coalition, which has a list of recommended compromises municipalities and public workers must adopt in order to solve the problem.[1][9] The coalition includes the Illinois Municipal League and the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.[10]

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