November 5, 2013 ballot measures in Florida

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Two notable local measures surfaced for the November 5 election in Florida. The pension related measure was voted on and approved in the city of Hialeah, which is the 6th largest city in Florida. It eliminated the generous pension plans offered to city council members, mayors and other city officials. The measure election coincided with the mayoral and council position elections and had become an issue of some contention in these races.

The other measure was a referendum on the proposed widening of the Key West cruise ship port. This project was proposed as cruise ships became larger. Many of the bigger ones no longer fit through the channel, thus preventing the ships from stopping in Key West. Advocates of the port widening work say that the city was missing out on millions of dollars from the cruise ship tourism and that the problem would only get worse, making things difficult for the Key West economy, which depends largely on the cruise ship industry. However, when the production of a feasibility and environmental impact study on the project was proposed and put before voters it was overwhelmingly rejected. The referendum on the widening project itself was not placed on the ballot.

Local ballot measures


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Approveda City of Hialeah Pension Reform Charter Amendment Question (November 2013)


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Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot Key West City Cruise Ship Port Widening Question (November 2013)