Nunn City Council recall, Colorado, 2009

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A vote about whether to recall all members of the Nunn City Council in Nunn, Colorado, took place on December 15, 2009.

Mayor Jeff Pigue, Mayor pro tem Christy Alexander and board members Jack Smith, Joyce Taylor, Jenny Johnson and Karen Burd were targeted in the recall election.[1]

Board members Jenny Johnson and Joyce Taylor survived the recall vote, while Jeff Pigue, Christy Alexander, Jack Smith and Karen Burd were removed from office. Voters approved the election of new board members Patti Norris, Bobbie Crosby, Wilber Schooler and Thomas Bender to fill the four seats made vacant by the recall election. Joe Bagby was elected as the new mayor.[2][3]

Reason for the recall

Initially a petition was submitted to recall Mayor Pigue and board members Alexander and Smith. According to the petition and supporter arguments, the three board members were targeted for recall because they supported removing Tom Bender from his post as mayor in 2008, saying that he "neglected his job and 'exhibited acts of grandeur,' and that he'd gone turkey hunting, improperly leaving the town administrator in charge."

Those who supported the recall believed that removing Bender from his post as mayor was illegal.

Shortly thereafter a second petition was filed targeting board members Burd, Johnson, and Taylor. According to this recall petition, the three board members "consistently voted against paying the town's bills out of a personal vendetta against town clerk Tori McMechen and other staff."

Although town board member Brian Jex was not a target of a recall, he chose to resign his seat.[4]

Legal challenge

In early November 2009, a Weld District Court judge agreed to review the proposed Nunn City Council recall at the request of a city council board member. The board member requested that the judge block the recall election.[5] However, only days later the judge ruled that the submitted recall petitions were valid, allowing the recall election to go forward.[6]

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