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Oakland County, Michigan

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Elected Officials
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Oakland County is one of 83 counties in Michigan and its population is 1,202,362.[1] The county seat is Pontiac.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Michigan county websites

This website was reviewed on April 20, 2012.

The good

  • Budgets and audits are posted.[2]
  • Archives of meeting minutes and agendas are posted.[3]
  • Contact information for the Commissioners is available[4].
  • Phone numbers for the other County officials and departments can be found in the County Directory.[5].
  • Contracts, bids, and RFP's are searchable online.[6]
  • Building permits are payable online.[7]
  • Community zoning ordinances are posted.[8]
  • Taxes may be paid online.[9] Millage rates are published within budget documents.[2]

The bad

  • Administrative email addresses are not provided.
  • No building codes or permits are posted.
  • No lobbying affiliations are available.
  • No public records policies are mentioned.

Website upgrade

The county's website was upgraded to include financial reports that will reflect how the past months' spending has gone. "As stewards of public tax dollars, we believe that taxpayers should be able to easily see where their money is going," said county Executive L. Brooks Patterson.[10]

Public employees

Elected officials

Oakland County is governed by a County Executive, currently L. Brooks Patterson, and a Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners is made up of 25 members from 25 equally populated districts. The Board members are elected every two years. The Board is split up into five committees: Finance, General Government, Planning and Building, Public Services, and Personnel.[11]

Board of Commissioners[12][13]


Main article: Oakland County employee salaries


FY 2012 Adopted General Fund Expenditures by Department[14]

Department Expenditures
Circuit Court $49,387,134
District Court 15,890,677
Probate Court 5,783,650
Prosecuting Attorney 18,614,942
Sheriff 119,043,525
Board of Commissioners 4,326,673
Water Resources 4,948,549
County Clerk 10,543,430
Treasurer 3,536,533
County Executive 5,645,778
Management and Budget 19,929,906
Central Services 2,027,981
Facilities Management 1,310,642
Human Resources 3,975,422
Health and Human Services 64,046,507
Public Services 15,236,256
Economic Development 7,152,440
Non-Departmental 19,879,148
Non-Departmental Transfers 17,094,010
TOTAL General Fund $388,373,203


The current property tax rate is 4.19 mills.[14]


In 2010, Oakland County reported $120,000 spent on lobbying.[15]

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