Ocean Shore Tax to Support Emergency Medical Services (November 2009)

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An Ocean Shores Tax to Support Emergency Medical Services was on the November 3, 2009 ballot ballot in Grays Harbor County.

The measure failed.[1]

  • No: 1,517 (68.95%)Defeatedd
  • Yes: 683 (31.05%)

The city council of Ocean Shores proposed an increase to the current tax, from $.35 to $.50, resulting in a new property tax of $2.22. This tax would have further help support the emergency medical services of the city.

Ballot summary

The ballot read:

"The City Council of the City of Ocean Shores adopted Resolution No. 620 concerning property taxes to support emergency medical services. This proposition will permit the City to replace its expiring EMS levy of $0.35 per $1,000 of assessed valuation by increasing the current regular property tax levy of $1.72 by $0.50, resulting in a regular property tax levy of $2.22/$1,000 for collection in 2010, and to use this levy to compute levies for each of the two succeeding years (with a limit factor of 101% each year), to provide $0.50/$1,000 annually for EMS special revenue fund 104. Should this proposition be:"[2]