Oceanside Mobile Home Rental Control Phaseout, Proposition E (June 2012)

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An Oceanside Mobile Home Rental Control Phaseout, Proposition E ballot question was on the June 5, 2012 ballot for voters in the City of Oceanside in San Diego County, where it was defeated.

If Proposition E had been approved, it would have phased out the city's existing control of the rents that can be charged to tenants by the owners of manufactured/mobile homes.[1]

Election results

Proposition E
Defeatedd No19,33764.82%
Yes 10,495 35.18%
These final election results are from the San Diego County elections office.



The official voter pamphlet arguments in favor of Proposition E were signed by:

  • Margaret McKenna, President, Oceanside Taxpayers Association
  • Tom Garcia, 2011 Oceanside Veteran of the Year
  • Rhonda Deniston, North County Regional Director, Stop Taxing Us
  • Chip Dykes, Past Chairman, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce
  • Jerome M. Kern, Councilmember, City of Oceanside
  • Gary Gover, treasurer, Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility

Arguments in favor

Arguments appearing in the official voter pamphlet in favor of Proposition E said:

  • "Vacancy Decontrol is a necessary policy that provides fairness for both park residents and owners while benefitting the entire City of Oceanside."
  • "The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has endorsed Vacancy Decontrol as a policy that protects taxpayers: 'Vacancy Decontrol is a good balance. Existing mobile home park residents keep rent control for as long as they live in their homes. Vacancy Decontrol adds stability and prevents park closures by allowing park owners a fair return over time.'"
  • "Vacancy Decontrol has absolutely no impact on current residents for as long as they continue living in their homes."



Proposition E was opposed by the local League of Women Voters.[2]

The official voter pamphlet arguments opposing Proposition E were signed by:

  • Jim Wood, Mayor, City of Oceanside
  • George McNeil, chairman, Manufactured Homes Fair Practices Commission
  • Sgt. Maj. Iron Mike Mervosh, USMC Ret.
  • Esther Sanchez, Councilmember, City of Oceanside
  • William Rider
  • Dana Corso, president, Alliance of Citizens to Improve Oside Neighborhoods
  • Viessa Ferrell, Oceanside's Senior of the Year
  • Frank Merrifield, former president of the Oceanside Manufactured Homeowners Alliance
  • Nadine Scott, Citizens against E & F
  • Lawrence D. Clem, director, Mira Mira HOA

Arguments against

Arguments opposing Proposition E included:

  • "Proposition E allows park owners to raise rents without limitation making the homes unaffordable and will create multiple vacancies."
  • "Proposition E-easier for park owners to close parks due to vacancies."
  • "Park owners can deny heirs or divorcing spouses rights to tenancy & inheritance. Does anyone really want their kids and divorced spouse living with them?"
  • "Once a certain vacancy level is reached, the park owners can close the parks without paying relocation fees. High rents will completely decimate any residual value in the homes that our seniors and veterans were counting on for their extended-life care or medical needs."
  • "These home owners bought in good faith that the Rent Control Ordinance would continue. Without rent control, their homes are worth almost nothing."
  • "Veterans will lose hope of finding affordable housing in the area near their doctors, friends & relatives and churches!"
  • "Mobile homes cannot be easily or affordably moved."

Ballot text

The question on the ballot:

PROPOSITION E: "Shall Ordinance No. 11-OR0427-1, adding Section 16B16(e) to the Oceanside City Code for the purpose of implementing vacancy decontrol allowing space rents to increase following the sale or conveyance of a manufactured home, be adopted?"[3]

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  3. Note: This text is quoted verbatim from the original source. Any inconsistencies are attributed to the original source.

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