Oconto Falls Exceed Revenue Limits (2008)

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The Oconto Falls Exceed Revenue Limits referenda was a school bond issue on the November 4 ballot in the School District of Oconto Falls, which is in Oconto County. The purpose of the referendum was to exceed the state-set revenue cap by $20,000 per year, with the funds going to the school budget. The annual additional funds would be used to pay costs of expanded outdoor sports facilities.

The expanded outdoor sports facilities are the subject of an another school bond measure on the November 4 ballot, where the district is seeking to issue $4,595,000 in debt to build the facilities. See Oconto Falls Sports Facilities Referendum (2008). Both measures were defeated.

Text of measure

Be it resolved by the School Board of the Oconto Falls Public School District, Oconto County, Wisconsin, that the final school district budget beginning with the 2009-2010 school year shall include, on a recurring basis, an amount of $20,000 excess of the revenue limits imposed by Section 121.9(2m) of the Wisconsin Statutes for the purpose of paying costs of operation of expanded outdoor facilities


Defeated by 1,889 to 2,930.

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