October 6, 2009 ballot measures in Alaska

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Twenty-four (24) local ballot measures are on the October 6, 2009 ballot in ten boroughs in Alaska.

Two of the measures are about alcohol; namely the selling and distribution of it. Two measures ask voters to approve school bonds and two ask for general obligation bonds to be approved. Four of these measures want to change the rules governing campaign finance disclosure to be a matter of local rather than state discretion. Three measures seek a tax increase. Then there are individual measures about air quality testing, if indoor smoking should be allowed, if a tobacco tax should be increased, about rezoning a highway and creation of a solid waste management authority. There are also measures about term limitation for city officials, changing the mayor's duties, enlarging a city council, amending a city charter, unionization of workers and also a recall of a city council member.


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Approveda Bethel Elimination of All Liquor Restrictions (October 2009)

Fairbanks North Star

Fairbanks, Alaska
Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska ballot measures

Approveda Fairbanks Proposition A, Creation of General Obligation School Bond (October 2009)
Approveda Fairbanks Proposition B, Air Quality Program (October 2009)
Defeatedd Fairbanks Proposition C, Financial Disclosure Requirements (October 2009)
Defeatedd Proposition 1, City of Fairbanks, Sales Tax Charter Amendment (October 2009)
Defeatedd Proposition 2, City of Fairbanks, General Sales Tax Enactment (October 2009)
Approveda Proposition 3, City of Fairbanks, Creation of Local Financial Disclosure Laws (October 2009)
Approveda Proposition 4, City of Fairbanks, Enlargement of City Council (October 2009)


Indoor smoking, which Proposition 1 would ban
Haines Borough, Alaska ballot measures

Approveda Haines Borough Proposition 1, Restriction of Indoor Smoking (October 2009)
Defeatedd Haines Proposition 2, Local Campaign Finance Laws (October 2009)


City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska ballot measures

Approveda Juneau Tobacco Tax Increase (2009)

Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Spur Highway
Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska ballot measures

Approveda Kenai Spur Highway Rezoning Referendum (2009)
Approveda Kenai Borough Proposition 1, Term Limits (October 2009)
Defeatedd Soldotna City Disclosure Rule Change (October 2009)

Ketchikan Gateway

Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Alaska

Defeatedd Ketchikan Proposition 1, Hotel Tax Increase (October 2009)
Approveda Ketchikan Proposition 2, Bonds for an Aquatic Center (October 2009)

Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska ballot measures

Defeatedd Kodiak Proposition 1, Employee Unionization (October 2009)


Wasilla City Hall in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska ballot measures

Defeatedd Matanuska-Susitna Borough Sales Tax, Proposition 1 (October 2009)
Defeatedd Matanuska-Susitna Borough School Bonds, Proposition 2 (October 2009)

Northwest Arctic

Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska ballot measures

Approveda Kotzebue Government Ownership of A Liquor Store Proposition (October 2009)


Unorganized Borough, Alaska ballot measures

Approveda City of Petersburg General Obligation Bond (October 2009)
Approveda City Mayoral Charter Amendment (October 2009)
Approveda Creation of SE Alaskan Solid Waste Authority (October 2009)
Approveda Lee Corrao recall, Petersburg, Alaska, 2009