Ohio Dancers for Democracy (2007)

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The referendum was filed in reaction to Senate Bill 16, a measure that would limit the hours of adult businesses and ban patrons from coming within six feet of any nude or semi-nude entertainers. It would have all the businesses close at midnight.

Those who violate the rule could be found guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor.


Citizens for Community Values is a group that pushed the SB 16 bill. The group became active 17 years ago when they tried to prohibit some nude pictures from being shown at the Ohio Contemporary Arts Museum.

The group mission statement reads:

Citizens for Community Values (CCV) exists to promote Judeo-Christian moral values, and to reduce destructive behaviors contrary to those values, through education, active community partnership, and individual empowerment at the local, state and national levels.[1]


Dancers for Democracy is a grassroots organizations that formed to fight the Sentate Bill 16. "The six-foot rule will cause wages to drop off dramatically and force many of the dancers into minimum wage jobs," said Charity Fickisen, a Columbus dancer and chairwoman of the new organization.[2]

There is also a partner group, Citizens for Community Standards that worked to collect signatures with the Dancers for Democracy. The group cites the SB 16 as "intrustive government" and an "assult on free expression."[3]


Dancers for Democracy filed their signatures for the referendum on Labor Day, as did the Citizens for Community Standards. Citizens for Community Standards filed 115 boxes, 382,508 signatures and needs at least 241,336 to be valid in order to have the initiative make the ballot.[4]

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