Ohio Secretary of State certifies health care ballot measure

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July 26, 2011


COLUMBUS, Ohio: It appears that the Ohio statewide ballot will feature a trifecta of ballot measures. Before the July 26, 2011 deadline could arrive, the Ohio Secretary of State certified the proposed health care amendment for the 2011 ballot, rounding out what appears to be the final ballot measure lineup.[1]

Previously, supporters had until July 6, 2011 to collect the 385,245 signatures from registered voters that are required for an initiated constitutional amendment to obtain ballot access. This number represents 10% of the votes cast for governor in the most recent election. In addition, signatures must be gathered from 44 of Ohio's 88 counties.

Reports confirmed that health care amendment supporters filed approximately 546,000 signatures by the petition drive deadline, more than the required number needed to make the ballot.

Originally the measure was proposed for the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot, however, days prior to the petition drive deadline supporters announced that they failed to collect sufficient signatures for 2010.

The two other measures set in stone for voters to decide are the Senate Bill 5 veto referendum and the judicial office age amendment, which would increase the maximum age a judge in the state could serve his or her position.

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