Ohio State Rep. Garrison represented BISC at the Global Forum

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August 12, 2010

San Francisco, California:

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center is a progressive organization that strives for reform in the initiative & referendum process that generally restricts the process. They do this to keep intregrity in the process. The Citizens in Charge Foundation (co-sponsor of the Global Forum) strives for something totally different. CICF's goal is to make the I&R process more accessible to the public, and also to expand the process into states where it doesn't currently exist.

Although certainly invited by CICF, no one from BISC showed up at the Global Forum. Ohio State Rep. Jennifer Garrison did show up. She carried the "Ballot Integrity Act" (still pending in Ohio) for BISC after reading BISC's report card. The Ballot Integrity Act could make signatures invalidated that are otherwise valid because of litigation. In an argument against the Ballot Integrity Act, a number of activists that included Ross Day, Tim Eyman and Kent Bernbeck came to the podium and debated with her. They brought her valid arguments and the crowd seemed to agree.....It still took a lot of courage for Garrison to show up at this Global Forum and defend her bill. She did a great job.

Pencil.png by John Wynne Jr.

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