Ohio Supreme Court allows veto referendum vote on racetrack slots

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September 22, 2009


COLUMBUS Ohio: The Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Governor Ted Strickland’s slot machine plan is subject to a potential referendum. Hours later, Let Ohio Vote filed referendum language. Already the group has began preparing to hire staff to collect the required signatures; 241,366 signatures by December 20, 2009. Previously, state officials said that the plan which was added to the state budget is exempted from the referendum process, however the Monday decision places the expected revenue, approximately $1 billion, in limbo. The court ruled 6 to 1.

Despite the court's ruling, the governor may still decide to move forward with slots if he decides to use his executive powers. Strickland has yet to announce his decision. “Everybody is trying to decide what this means, and everyone is waiting to see what the governor will do,” said Bob Griffin, chief executive of MTR Gaming, which owns Scioto Downs near Columbus.[1]

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