Ohio Woman's Suffrage, Amendment 23 (September 1912)

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Amendment 23, the Ohio Woman's Suffrage Amendment, was a constitutional convention-referred constitutional amendment on the September 3, 1912 special election ballot in Ohio, where it was defeated.[1]

Amendment 23 was a proposed amendment to Article V, Section 1 of the Ohio Constitution. Amendment 23 was one of 42 proposed constitutional amendments on the September 3, 1912 ballot; all the proposals were the result of a state constitutional convention held because of Ohio voters approving the Ohio Constitutional Convention Question of 1910.

If Amendment 23 had been approved by the state's male voters, it would have given women the right to vote in Ohio elections.

Two years later, Ohio's male voters again rejected giving women the right to vote, when they voted down Amendment 3, the Women's Suffrage Amendment of 1914. The 1914 proposal received less than 40% of the vote.

After the federal constitution was amended in 1920 to give women the right to vote, Ohio voters approved 1923's Amendment 2. It eliminated the phrase "white male" from the Ohio Constitution in order to provide universal suffrage and conform with the Federal Constitution.

The same year that Ohio male voters rejected Amendment 23, Wisconsin male voters also rejected the idea of giving women the right to vote when they rejected Question 4, the Wisconsin Women's Suffrage Referendum. However, male voters in Arizona overwhelmingly approved Questions 300 and 301, giving women in Arizona the right to vote, while male voters in Oregon also approved Measure 1, Suffrage for Women.

Election results

Ohio Amendment 23 (September 1912)
Defeatedd No336,87557.46%
Yes 249,420 42.54%

Official results via: Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Ohio - 1912, P.2112-2113

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Article V, Section 1.
Woman's Suffrage.[2][3]

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