Ohio judicial elections, 2013

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Judicial Elections
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Elections, 2013
Judicial election dates

The Ohio judicial elections consisted of a primary on May 7th and a general election on November 5th.[1][2]

Filing deadlines for 2013

  • February 6th, last day for primary candidates to file.[1]
  • August 7th, last day for general election candidates to file.[2]

Post-election summary

Statistics from Ohio's 2013 judicial elections
Total candidates (general election): 106
Incumbent candidates: 70
Unopposed candidates: 60
% of unopposed candidates
who were incumbents:
Total candidates elected/re-elected: 75
New judges elected: 6
Incumbents re-elected: 69
In odd-numbered years such as this one, Ohio elects municipal court judges. Such elections for local judgeships are often uneventful. This year saw 58 incumbents unopposed for re-election in the general election. However, one dramatic race stands out...

Two candidates running for a position on the Akron Municipal Court were neck-in-neck after the election and had to wait for a recount to decide their fate. Jon Oldham sought to unseat incumbent Katarina V. Cook. At first, it looked like he might do so. When the first results were posted, Oldham led in the race for Seat 1 by only 16 votes. After provisional and additional absentee ballots were counted on November 18, Cook was 17 votes ahead of Oldham. The results were certified on November 26, 2013. An automatic recount was then triggered due to the close race.[3][4][5] After the recount, Cook was shown to have won by 15 votes. In total, she had 13,888 votes to Oldham's 13,873.[6]

The new judges who were elected are as follows:

Municipal Courts

CourtCandidateIncumbentPrimary electionGeneral election
Akron Municipal CourtGertrude WilmsNo46%Red x.svg
Akron Municipal CourtJon OldhamNo49.97%Red x.svg
Akron Municipal CourtJulie A. SchaferNo53.9%Yes check.svg
Akron Municipal CourtKatarina V. CookYes50.02%Yes check.svg
Alliance Municipal CourtAndrew L. ZumbarNo100%Yes check.svg
Ashtabula Municipal CourtAlbert CampleseYes100%Yes check.svg
Barberton Municipal CourtDavid FishYes69.7%Yes check.svg
Barberton Municipal CourtJill Renee FlaggNo30.2%Red x.svg
Bowling Green Municipal CourtMark B. ReddinYes100%Yes check.svg
Bryan Municipal CourtKent L. NorthYes100%Yes check.svg
Canton Municipal CourtCorey Minor SmithNo32.7%Red x.svg
Canton Municipal CourtMary FalveyYes100%Yes check.svg
Canton Municipal CourtRichard KubilusYes67.2%Yes check.svg
Champaign County Municipal CourtGil S. WeithmanNo100%Yes check.svg
Chillicothe Municipal CourtJohn B. StreetYes100%Yes check.svg
Circleville Municipal CourtGary DummYes100%Yes check.svg
Clark County Municipal CourtDenise L. MoodyYes100%Yes check.svg
Clermont County Municipal CourtKevin T. MilesYes65.9%Yes check.svg
Clermont County Municipal CourtRaymond W. LembkeNo34%Red x.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtAnnette Garner ButlerNo15.6%Red x.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtAnthony D. JordanNo39.9%Red x.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtCharles L. PattonYes100%Yes check.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtEd WadeNo29.8%Yes check.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtEdele PassalacquaNoWithdrawn%Red x.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtJazmin G. Torres-LugoNo14.1%Red x.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtMarilyn B. CassidyYes60%Yes check.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtMichael D. WinstonNo5.9%Red x.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtRaymond L. PiankaYes100%Yes check.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtRuben E. PopeNo26.2%Red x.svg
Cleveland Municipal CourtScott Roger HurleyNo8.2%Red x.svg
Columbiana County Municipal CourtCarol Ann RobbYes100%Yes check.svg
Columbiana County Municipal CourtMark A. FrostYes100%Yes check.svg
Crawford County Municipal CourtSean Leuthold[7][8]Yes100%Yes check.svg
Delaware Municipal CourtDavid GormleyYes100%Yes check.svg
Delaware Municipal CourtDavid P. SundermanYes100%Yes check.svg
East Liverpool Municipal CourtMelissa Byers-EmmerlingYes100%Yes check.svg
Eastern Division, Montgomery County Municipal CourtJames Hensley, Jr.Yes100%Yes check.svg
Eastern Division, Montgomery County Municipal CourtJames PiergiesYes100%Yes check.svg
Erie County Municipal CourtPaul G. LuxYes100%Yes check.svg
Fairborn Municipal CourtBeth W. RootYes100%Yes check.svg
Fairfield Municipal CourtJoyce A. CampbellYes100%Yes check.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtAmy SalernoYes59.6%Yes check.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtDaniel HawkinsYes51.2%Yes check.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtFrank MackeNo35.2%Red x.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtGwen E. CallenderNo31%Red x.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtJames E. GreenYes59%Yes check.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtJames W. Adair, IIINo13.4%Red x.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtKristen E. McKinleyNo40.3%Red x.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtMartin C. NobileNoWithdrew%Red x.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtMichael J. CassoneNoWithdrew%Red x.svgRed x.svg
Franklin County Municipal CourtScott D. VanDerKarrYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton Municipal CourtDaniel J. GattermeyerYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton County Municipal CourtDwane MalloryYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton County Municipal CourtHeather RussellYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton County Municipal CourtMegan E. ShanahanYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton County Municipal CourtMelissa PowersYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton County Municipal CourtRichard BernatYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton County Municipal CourtTed N. BerryYes100%Yes check.svg
Hamilton County Municipal CourtTyrone K. YatesYes100%Yes check.svg
Hardin County Municipal CourtGregory A. GrimslidYes100%Yes check.svg
Hocking County Municipal CourtFred MosesYes100%Yes check.svg
Holmes County Municipal CourtJane Irving-BasermanYes58%Yes check.svg
Holmes County Municipal CourtSean WarnerNo41.9%Red x.svg
Jackson County Municipal CourtMark T. MusickYes100%Yes check.svg
Kettering Municipal CourtRobert L. MooreYes100%Yes check.svg
Licking County Municipal CourtMichael Higgins (Ohio)Yes100%Yes check.svg
Lorain Municipal CourtMark J. MihokYes100%Yes check.svg
Mason Municipal CourtD. Andrew BatscheYes100%Yes check.svg
Massillon Municipal CourtC. Roland CentroneYes100%Yes check.svg
Massillon Municipal CourtEdward J. ElumYes100%Yes check.svg
Mentor Municipal CourtJohn TrebetsYes100%Yes check.svg
Miami County Municipal CourtGary NasalYes99.9%Yes check.svg
Middletown Municipal CourtMark W. WallYes100%Yes check.svg
Norwalk Municipal CourtEric R. WeisenburgerYes53.8%Yes check.svg74.4%Yes check.svg
Norwalk Municipal CourtHarold J. FreemanNo22.1%Red x.svgRed x.svg
Norwalk Municipal CourtScott ChristophelNo24.1%Red x.svgRed x.svg
Norwalk Municipal CourtT. Douglas CliffordNo25.5%Red x.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtBrian HuelsmanNo9.6%Red x.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtChris B. EpleyNo20.4%Red x.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtChris R. ConardNo19.4%Red x.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtMargaret QuinnNo22.8%Yes check.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtMichael A. HochwaltNo16.3%Red x.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtRichard A.F. LipowiczNo5.8%Red x.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtSara L. HeinNo2.2%Red x.svg
Oakwood Municipal CourtWard C. BarrentineNo3.2%Red x.svg
Oberlin Municipal CourtThomas A. JanuzziYes100%Yes check.svg
Ottawa County Municipal CourtFrederick C. Hany IIYes100%Yes check.svg
Parma Municipal CourtDeanna O'DonnellYes100%Yes check.svg
Perrysburg Municipal CourtAram OhanianNo29.9%Red x.svgRed x.svg
Perrysburg Municipal CourtC. Drew GriffithNo32.3%Red x.svgRed x.svg
Perrysburg Municipal CourtMolly MackNo37.8%Yes check.svg58.9%Yes check.svg
Perrysburg Municipal CourtTom MackinNo41%Red x.svg
Portage County Municipal CourtBarbara OswickYes100%Yes check.svg
Rocky River Municipal CourtBrian F. HaganYes100%Yes check.svg
Sandusky Municipal CourtErich J. O'BrienYes100%Yes check.svg
Sidney Municipal CourtDuane GoettemoellerYes100%Yes check.svg
Steubenville Municipal CourtG. Daniel SpahnYes100%Yes check.svg100%Yes check.svg
Stow Municipal CourtKandi S. O'ConnorNo44.1%Red x.svg
Stow Municipal CourtKim R. HooverYes55.8%Yes check.svg
Stow Municipal CourtLinda MalekNoWithdrew%Red x.svgRed x.svg
Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal CourtMark E. ReppYes100%Yes check.svg
Toledo Municipal CourtAmy J. BerlingYes100%Yes check.svg
Toledo Municipal CourtGretchen DeBackerNo39.2%Red x.svg
Toledo Municipal CourtJoshua LanzingerYes47.2%Yes check.svg
Toledo Municipal CourtKenneth PhillipsNo13.5%Red x.svg
Vandalia Municipal CourtCynthia M. HeckYes100%Yes check.svg
Vermilion Municipal CourtW. Zack DolykYes100%Yes check.svg
Warren Municipal CourtThomas P. GysegemYes100%Yes check.svg
Wayne County Municipal CourtTimothy R. VanSickleYes100%Yes check.svg
Xenia Municipal CourtMichael K. MurryYes100%Yes check.svg
Youngstown Municipal CourtElizabeth A. KoblyYes100%Yes check.svg
Zanesville Municipal CourtWilliam D. JosephYes100%Yes check.svg

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