Ohio representative proposes new initiative law

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November 13, 2009

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Columbus, Ohio: This week Ohio Rep. Jennifer Garrison revealed the "Ballot Integrity Act" - proposed legislation that would amend the state's initiative process. On Thursday, Garrison said, "I am here to improve our initiative process for the future and protect Ohio’s Constitution. Over the past several years, Ohio has seen a sharp increase in ballot initiatives and if this continues, we’ll become the California of the Midwest." One of the problems with the state's initiative process, she said, is that some people simply are not following the laws, however, she noted that some the laws need to be revised.[1]

The legislation, if approved, would:

  • require petition firms to get licenses
  • give the secretary of state the power to deny licenses to petition firms that previously violated petition laws in Ohio or other states
  • require the registration of petition circulators
  • require the development of training programs for petition circulators

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