Ohio representative wins despite overwhelming odds

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November 12, 2012


By Joel Williams

Columbus, Ohio: Incumbent Connie Pillich of Ohio's House District 28 survived challenges on a number of fronts to retain her seat for the coming term. She swept into the House on the wave of the Obama election in 2008, and defeated the founder of Cincinnati's Tea Party in 2010 by 600 votes to retain her seat.[1] The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee pegged her 2012 Ohio House District 28 as one of fifty potential "game changers."[2]

According to the DLCC, Republicans targeted Pillich twice: once during redistricting and again during the general election.[2] The Republican-controlled state legislature re-drew her district to make it heavily Republican, while pouring money in to support the campaign of challenger Mike Wilson. Many expected Wilson, who lost by only 600 votes in 2010 in the previous district map, to win handily over Pillich, but the incumbent won their rematch by nearly 5,000 votes.[3]

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