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Oklahoma SQ 744 at 21 in Ballotpedia's rankings of measure contributions

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December 15, 2010


OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma: Oklahoma State Question 744, according to Ballotpedia's 2010 ballot measure campaign contribution rankings, comes in at #21, raking in a grand total of $5,158,159. Both supporters' and opponents' contributions were added to come to this total. State Question 744 would have amended the Oklahoma Constitution to require the Oklahoma State Legislature to fund public education to at least the per-pupil average of neighboring states.

Campaign contributions were taken into account when putting together Ballotpedia's 2010 ballot measure analysis, as campaign contributions for each ballot measure that appeared on a 2010 ballot was examined. Total contributions were calculated for: each state with ballot measures, supporting and opposing ballot measure campaigns in each state, each individual ballot measure on the ballot, and political issues. Ballot measures were also ranked from highest to lowest contribution total. However, measures that had no contributions were excluded from the rankings.

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