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Oklahoma government sector lobbying

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Taxpayer-funded lobbying is government to government lobbying. Counties, cities, school districts, public facilities, and associations of public employees frequently use public funds to influence legislation and appropriations at the state and federal levels.

This practice is controversial because public funds are spent to lobby for an agenda not subject to direct approval by voters, and outcomes may be contrary taxpayers benefit.

State level

The state has at least one lobbyist permanently on its payroll.[1]

Success of lobbying

Lobbyists are successful because of their ability to apply political pressure. They allegedly spread rumors about legislators that do not support their issues to hurt them politically.[1]

In addition to this, the legislature does not have the resources to look into all of the proposed issues that public entities advocate for. Legislators also tend to hear more from proponents of new or more spending, than opponents to it.[1] Therefore, it becomes easier to support spending and more government than to oppose it.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying associations have found advocacy success from collaborating together.[1] One such example is the Alliance for Oklahoma's Future.[1]

Suggested reforms

Some have recommended more transparency as a step that would help curb frivolous spending.[1] Currently, many nonprofits are exempt from disclosure requirements regarding their relationships with lobbyists.[1] Full disclosure should be required with documents openly available on the internet.[1]

Also, the legislature should give itself tools to scrutinize the operations and spending requests of government agencies and private organizations.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying associations

The following is a list of Oklahoma government sector lobbying associations by type:


Emergency services





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