Oklahoma judicial elections, 2014

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Oklahoma judicial elections, 2014
Total candidates: 205
Primary candidates: 19
General election candidates: 187
Incumbents: 138
Incumbent success rate: 98%
Competition - general election
Percent of candidates in contested races: 37%
Percent uncontested: 58%
Percent retention: 5%
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The Oklahoma judicial elections consist of both nonpartisan and retention elections. District court judges (which serve on the trial level) are elected while appellate court judges face retention.

In 2014, three justices were retained to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, one judge was retained to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and five judges were retained to the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.

In 2014, there were five races in the primary election--in Districts 4, 14 (2 races), 20 and 22. One candidate was automatically elected in the primary after receiving over 50% of the vote. In the other races, the top two candidates from the primary advanced to the general election.

District court incumbent judges enjoyed a 98% success rate. Of the 187 candidates who ran in the general election, 108 of them were unopposed. Seventy candidates competed in contested races, and three incumbent judges were voted out.

See: Oklahoma elections summary, 2014.

Election dates

  • April 11: Filing deadline (district court candidates)
  • June 24: Primary
  • September 5: Filing deadline (appellate court candidates seeking retention)
  • November 4: General election[1][2][3]

In addition to candidate lists, this page includes information about how the state's judicial elections work, as well as articles about notable news in races across the state.

General election: Contested races

(I) denotes incumbent

District 1, Harper County associate judge

District 3, Greer County associate judge

District 3, Kiowa County associate judge

District 5, Comanche County associate judge

District 5, Office 1

District 5, Office 2

District 7, Office 1

District 7, Office 13

District 7, Office 15

District 7, Office 2

District 7, Office 3

District 8, Kay County associate judge

District 10, Office 1

District 11, Office 1

District 12, Mayes County associate judge

District 14, Office 1

District 14, Office 10

District 14, Office 14

District 14, Office 2

District 14, Office 8

District 14, Pawnee County associate judge

District 15, Office 4

District 15, Sequoyah County associate judge

District 16, Le Flore County associate judge

District 17, Choctaw County associate judge

District 18, Pittsburg County associate judge

District 20, Carter County associate judge

District 20, Love County associate judge

District 20, Marshall County associate judge

District 20, Office 1

District 21, Garvin County associate judge

District 21, Office 5

District 22, Pontotoc County associate judge

District 24, Okmulgee County associate judge

District 25, Office 1


The following judges were retained in the general election. In retention elections, the incumbent judge is not being evaluated against an opponent. Rather, he or she simply receives votes of "yes" to retain or "no", do not retain.

Appellate courts

Click the arrows in the column headings to sort columns alphabetically.
Oklahoma Court of Civil AppealsBrian Goree 61.0% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Court of Civil AppealsDeborah Barnes (Oklahoma) 62.0% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Court of Criminal AppealsGary Lumpkin 62.4% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Court of Civil AppealsJane Wiseman 60.9% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Court of Civil AppealsJerry Goodman 60.9% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Supreme CourtJohn Reif 59.0% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Supreme CourtJoseph Watt 59.9% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Court of Civil AppealsKeith Rapp 59.3% ApprovedA
Oklahoma Supreme CourtTom Colbert 62.6% ApprovedA

General election: Uncontested

The following candidates were elected or re-elected after running unopposed in the general election.


Trial courts

Click the arrows in the column headings to sort columns alphabetically.
1st District CourtA. Clark Jett
20th District CourtAaron Duck
7th District CourtBarbara G. Swinton
13th District CourtBarry V. Denney
7th District CourtBernard Jones
16th District CourtBill D. Welch
7th District CourtBill Graves
14th District CourtBill LaFortune
26th District CourtBob Hughey
3rd District CourtBrad L. Benson
16th District CourtBrian Henderson
10th District CourtBruce David Gambill
7th District CourtBryan C. Dixon
11th District CourtCarl G. Gibson
14th District CourtCarlos Chappelle
21st District CourtCharles Gray
20th District CourtCharles J. Migliorino
2nd District CourtChristopher S. Kelly
23rd District CourtCindy Ferrell Ashwood
7th District CourtCindy Truong
3rd District CourtClark E. Huey
25th District CourtD. Clay Mowdy
14th District CourtDaman H. Cantrell
14th District CourtDana Kuehn
15th District CourtDarrell G. Shepherd
24th District CourtDavid N. Martin
5th District CourtDennis Gay
4th District CourtDennis Hladik
15th District CourtDennis N. Shook
4th District CourtDon A. Work
14th District CourtDoris L. Fransein
24th District CourtDouglas W. Golden
2nd District CourtF. Pat VerSteeg
2nd District CourtFloyd Douglas Haught
5th District CourtG. Brent Russell
26th District CourtGary E. Miller
22nd District CourtGeorge W. Butner
5th District CourtGerald F. Neuwirth
7th District CourtGlenn M. Jones
22nd District CourtGordon Allen
21st District CourtGreg Dixon
24th District CourtH. Michael Claver
12th District CourtJ. Dwayne Steidley
4th District CourtJack Hammontree
14th District CourtJames M. Caputo
17th District CourtJana Kay Wallace
14th District CourtJefferson D. Sellers
2nd District CourtJill Carpenter Weedon
18th District CourtJim D. Bland
18th District CourtJim Pratt
24th District CourtJoe Sam Vassar
23rd District CourtJohn Canavan
23rd District CourtJohn D. Gardner
6th District CourtJohn E. Herndon
1st District CourtJon Parsley
16th District CourtJon Sullivan
5th District CourtKeith Byron Aycock
24th District CourtKen Adair
17th District CourtKenneth Farley
15th District CourtL. Elizabeth Brown
Second District CourtLaurie E. Hays
24th District CourtLawrence W. Parish
14th District CourtLinda G. Morrissey
7th District CourtLisa T. Davis
4th District CourtLoren Angle
21st District CourtLori Walkley
9th District CourtLouis A. Duel
4th District CourtMark A. Moore
19th District CourtMark Campbell
24th District CourtMark Ihrig
15th District CourtMark L. Dobbins
5th District CourtMark R. Smith
5th District CourtMichael C. Flanagan
17th District CourtMichael D. DeBerry
2nd District CourtMichelle Kirby-Roper
4th District CourtMickey Jay Hadwiger
15th District CourtMike Norman
8th District CourtNikki Leach
15th District CourtNorman D. Thygesen
7th District CourtPatricia G. Parrish
4th District CourtPaul K. Woodward
Eight District CourtPhilip A. Ross
9th District CourtPhillip C. Corley
25th District CourtPreston Harbuck
7th District CourtRay C. Elliott
14th District CourtRebecca B. Nightingale
3rd District CourtRichard Darby
7th District CourtRichard Kirby
6th District CourtRichard VanDyck
4th District CourtRick Bozarth
4th District CourtRobert E. Davis
13th District CourtRobert E. Reavis
13th District CourtRobert G. Haney
19th District CourtRocky L. Powers
1st District CourtRonald L. Kincannon
11th District CourtRussell Vaclaw
1st District CourtRyan D. Reddick
6th District CourtS. Wyatt Hill
12th District CourtSheila A. Condren
23rd District CourtSheila Kirk
21st District CourtStephen Bonner
9th District CourtStephen R. Kistler
12th District CourtStephen R. Pazzo
22nd District CourtSteven Kessinger
12th District CourtTerry H. McBride
21st District CourtThad Balkman
4th District CourtTim Haworth
7th District CourtTim Henderson
22nd District CourtTimothy L. Olsen
4th District CourtTom Newby
21st District CourtTracy Schumacher
3rd District CourtW. Mike Warren
20th District CourtWallace Coppedge
14th District CourtWilliam J. Musseman


For candidate lists and results from the judicial primary on June 24, 2014, please see: Oklahoma primary elections, 2014.


District court elections

Judges of the district courts run in nonpartisan elections after four-year terms. If two candidates are competing for one seat, their names will appear on the ballot for the general election. If more than two candidates file for one seat, they will compete in a primary election. If one candidate receives a majority of the votes in the primary, that candidate is elected and does not need to run in the general election. If no one receives a majority of the votes, the two candidates with the most votes will compete against each other in the general election.[4] Unopposed candidates do not appear on the ballot.[5]

Retention elections

Judges of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Court of Civil Appeals run in retention elections after six-year terms. In these elections, judges do not compete against another candidate, but voters are given a "yes" or "no" choice whether to keep the justice in office for another term. The retention elections are held on general election day.[6]

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