Oklahoma school measures on Tuesday's Primary ballot

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February 13, 2012


TULSA, Oklahoma: On February 14, Oklahoma will have its primary election and a fair amount of school measures will also be decided by local voters. Some notable school measures include in the Jenks school district where officials are hoping residents will approve a $410.37 million bond. If approved, the money from the bond would go towards updating school technology, buying new textbooks throughout the district, maintenance costs and safety upgrades as needed. School officials also noted that they would try to keep the current property tax at the same rate to repay the bond but it was not guaranteed.[1] In the Hulbert school district, they are asking for a $1.72 million bond in order to build new elementary school classes as well as a new athletic facility and new heating/cooling systems for the gymnasium and auditorium. School officials have stated that property taxes in the district would increase, but hope that residents would still approve the bond. Overcrowding at the school has led to many classes in portable classrooms and officials hope to get students out of those buildings if the bond is approved.[2] The Silo school district will also have a bond proposal on their ballot, set at a rate of $2.3 million. This bond will also go towards overcrowding issues at the schools in the district as well as pay for updates throughout the district. District officials also state that property taxes would increase but have been informing residents of the needs in the hopes that the measure would garner enough approval.[3]

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