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On day of deadline, no initiative signatures filed in Arizona

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July 2, 2010


By Al Ortiz

PHOENIX, Arizona: According to the Arizona Secretary of State's office, no initiative sponsors filed signatures on the state's July 1 signature-filing deadline for the November 2, 2010 ballot. Supporters of a medical marijuana ballot proposition filed their signatures well before the early July deadline and have already been certified for the November ballot. A spokesperson for the Arizona Secretary of State's office confirmed that no additional initiative sponsors filed signatures on or before the deadline.

According to Ballotpedia's database of Arizona ballot measures, the last time only one initiative made the ballot was in 2004, when voters had a chance to decide whether to require that evidence of United States citizenship be presented by every person to register to vote. The measure was approved by a vote of 1,041,741 (55.6%) to 830,467 (44.4%).

Initiatives proposed for this year that did not make the cut because their sponsors did not collect enough signatures included a measure to establish civil partnerships, a proposal to ban speed cameras installed on highways and roads across the state, and a measure to cap the total property tax at 0.5% of valuation for all residential properties and 1% for all other real property.

The number of required signatures for a proposed constitutional amendment is 230,046 and 153,364 for a proposed state statute. However, there is another deadline for potentially one more ballot measure to make the ballot: Three initiated referenda have been approved for circulation, each of which is designed to repeal a newly passed law that would make illegal immigration a crime in Arizona and would mandate that state and local police question a person's immigration status if there are any suspicions that they are illegal immigrants.

Those efforts have until July 28, 2010 to collect 76,682 valid signatures from Arizona voters. The deadline represents 90 days following the close of the legislative session, according to the Arizona Secretary of State.

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