Opponents of Alaska Ballot Measure 2 won't debate issue

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August 11, 2010

JUNEAU, Alaska: Campaign strategies surrounding ballot measures could include rallies and debates. However, the latter will not be seen in the state of Alaska, if Planned Parenthood stands its ground. Opponents of the measure have refused to debate the issue in the days leading up to the primary election on August 24. According to reports, Planned Parenthood will not participate in a public forum discussing the measure and its impacts on the state. In an email written on August 3, 2010 from the organizations chair, the group has further confirmed that it will not participate in such events.[1]

The measure, slated for the August 24, 2010 primary election ballot, would ask voters to forbid a minor from getting an abortion without a doctor informing at least one parent before moving forward with the procedure. The measure would also enforce legal penalties on doctors who perform abortions on minors without consent of the minor's parents.

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