Oregon 2nd Judicial District

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The Oregon 2nd Judicial District is one of twenty-seven different judicial districts in Oregon and has jurisdiction in Lane County.[1]


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Unopposed  Judge Charles D. Carlson (Position 2)
Unopposed  Judge Mustafa Kasubhai (Position 3)
Unopposed  Judge Charles M. Zennache (Position 4)
Unopposed  Judge Clara Rigmaiden (Position 15)


See also: Oregon judicial elections, 2012
CandidateIncumbencyPositionPrimary VoteElection Vote
LeimanAlan Leiman    Non/a23.22%   DefeatedD
BevansChris Bevans    NoPosition 7n/aExpression error: Unrecognized word "less".   DefeatedD
CarlsonCynthia Carlson   ApprovedAYesPosition 1399.44%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
VogtDebra K. Vogt   ApprovedAYesPosition 1499.30%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
McAlpinJay McAlpin   ApprovedAYesPosition 7n/a53.84%   ApprovedA
MooneyJodie H. Mooney   ApprovedAYesPosition 1099.47%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
RasmussenKarsten H. Rasmussen   ApprovedAYesPosition 199.35%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
ConoverRobert Conover   ApprovedAYesPosition 12n/a98.12%   ApprovedA
LoveValeri L. Love   ApprovedAYesPosition 8n/a98%   ApprovedA
MulierVincent Mulier    NoPosition 7n/aExpression error: Unrecognized word "less".   DefeatedD

Delay in results

The results for the write-in race for the 2nd Judicial District, Position 7 were not released until November 20th.[1][2][3] The votes were hand-counted and talliers did not begin counting until the 13th.[4][5]

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