Oregon Ballot Measure 144 (2008)

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Oregon Ballot Measure 144 (2008) was an initiated state statute that would have repealed Oregon's 2007 domestic partnership law, also known as the Family Fairness Act, which grants certain benefits and rights to domestic partners that heterosexual married couples are also granted.


This measure was withdrawn. Proponents conceeded they would not have enough time to gather the signatures required by the deadline.[1]

Proponents of the initiative took their case to court, saying that some signatures were unfairly thrown out.[2] As of August 14, 2008, that challenge was rejected in a federal appeals court.[3]

Ballot title

Retroactively Repeals Laws Granting State Privileges, Immunities, Rights, Benefits, Responsibilities Of Marriage To Domestic Partners[4]


Senator Fred Girod and Representative Sal Esquivel.


Former representative Marylin Shannon supports the issue, having filed a back-up initiative to repeal the Family Fairness Act if the first one was rejected.


Basic Rights Oregon[5] and JustOut.com[6], a gay and lesbian community web site, oppose the initiative, citing it as "anti-gay."

Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed comments on this initiative and Oregon Ballot Measure 145 (2008), which repeals the anti-discrimination law in Oregon. BRO and the ACLU have challenged the two prospective petitions to the Oregon Supreme Court.[7]

Many citizens are up in arms over an initiative that they consider to be discriminatory and believe the current law is not doing any harm.

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