Oregon Chiropractic Practice Requirements (2010)

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Oregon Chiropractic Practice Requirements, also known as Initiative 1, did not appear on the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot in Oregon as an initiated state statute. The measure proposed establishing a minimum educational level and other requirements for chiropractic practices in Oregon.

As of July 2, the state's petition drive deadline, no signatures were submitted in an effort to qualify the measure for the ballot.

Ballot summary

The ballot title read as follows:[1]

Establishes minimum educational, other requirements to perform spinal manipulation, adjustments; violations are unlawful chiropractic practice.

Result of "Yes" Vote: "Yes" vote establishes minimum educational, training requirements, legal authorizations, for spinal manipulation and adjustments by persons in Oregon; makes violations punishable as unlawful chiropractic practice.

Result of "No" Vote: "No" vote makes no changes to training and educational requirements for spinal manipulation and adjustments by different professions; requirements remain set by respective licensing boards.

Summary: Currently, boards regulation health care professionals specified in ORS 676.160 and the Board of Athletic Trainers establish educational and training requirements for obtaining a license or other credential to practice in their respective professions. Measure prohibits persons from performing "high velocity, low amplitude spinal manipulation or chiropractic spinal adjustment" (defined) without having: legal authority to perform "differential diagnosis" (defined) in Oregon; 400 hours of hands-on instruction in spinal manipulation and adjustments; 900 hours of physician-supervised clinical training over at least twelve months. Measure makes noncomplying performance of spinal manipulation and adjustments unlawful chiropractic practice and grounds for boards regulating health care professionals and athletic trainers to suspend, revoke, or refuse to renew license or registration or impose other lawful disciplinary action. Other provisions.

Path to the ballot

See also: Oregon signature requirements

Initiative petitions for statutes required six percent of 1,379,475, or 82,769 signatures. The deadline for filing signatures for the November 2, 2010 ballot was July 2, 2010. As of July 2 no signatures were submitted in an effort to qualify the measure for the ballot.

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