Oregon ballot measures sponsored by Bill Sizemore

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A table of the Oregon ballot measures supported by prolific initiative activist Bill Sizemore.[1][2]

Sizemore's 2008 qualified initiatives

Type Title Subject Description
CISS Measure 58 Education Requires english immersion for non-english speaking students
CISS Measure 59 Tax reform Makes federal income taxes fully deductible on state return
CISS Measure 60 Education "Teacher compensation must be based on classroom performance"
CISS Measure 63 Property Rights Allows minor improvements To property without building permit
CISS Measure 64 Campaign Finance Reform Prohibits using taxpayer-funded resources to collect political funds

Previous Sizemore initiatives


  • Measure 92 was another paycheck protection measure. It was certified for the ballot, but lost at the polls with 656,250 in favor and 815,338 opposed.




  • Measure 5, which mandated voter approval for new taxes, was certified for the ballot, but lost at the polls with 543,302 in favor and 671,025 opposed.
  • Measure 8,[3] a measure to cap the obligations of the Oregon general fund to the PERS (Public Employee Retirement System), got on the ballot, and won at the polls, with 611,760 in favor and 610,776 opposed. However, later it was invalidated by the Oregon Supreme Court.