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May 19, 2014

May 20, 2014 Election Preview

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*Oregon Governor

By Garrett Fortin

The 2014 Oregon nonpartisan elections are being held on May 20, 2014. Oregon holds elections for nonpartisan offices simultaneously with the primaries for partisan offices. There is one nonpartisan statewide executive office involved in the election: Oregon Commissioner of Labor and Industries.

The only formal candidate for this office is the incumbent:

Candidates - Commissioner of Labor and Industries

Below, Ballotpedia has put together a preview of this upcoming election.

Oregon's polling hours on Election Day are from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, for both Mountain and Pacific time.

Oregon Commissioner of Labor and Industries
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So there is nothing to see here, right? Incumbent Brad Avakian is unopposed and, for him, tomorrow is the general election. Except that in early May, a possible hurdle arose. Chris Penner, a former publican whose bar was shut down by Commissioner Avakian, threatened to run against Avakian. Penner could only challenge the incumbent with write-ins since the filing deadline passed long ago. It remains unclear whether Penner is pursuing a write-in campaign.[2][3]

In the 2012 primaries, the unopposed Democratic candidate for Oregon Treasurer, Ted Wheeler, received over 250,000 votes. If that is any measure, the threat of a write-in challenge is unlikely to result in much.

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