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Transparency legislation proposed in Oregon.


See also: Oregon Public Records Law
  • "House Bill 2118 requires health professional regulatory boards to keep confidential personal e-mail addresses of licensed professionals.
  • House Bill 2339 allows a district attorney, a deputy district attorney, the attorney general or an assistant attorney general to request nondisclosure of their home address, home or cellular telephone number or personal electronic mail address.
  • House Bill 2315 allows the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training to withhold investigative information until an investigation is completed and the department issues a report, unless public interest requires disclosure.
  • House Bill 2369 exempts from disclosure routine police traffic accident reports.
  • House Bill 2390 exempts geographic fisheries information submitted to a public body from disclosure.
  • House Bill 2495 exempts from disclosure employer account records of the State Accident Insurance Fund Corp.
  • House Bill 2727 unconditionally closes concealed handgun license records.
  • House Bill 2764 closes concealed handgun license records unless the public interest requires disclosure.
  • Senate Bill 13 (like HB2369) exempts from disclosure routine police traffic accident reports.
  • Senate Bill 158 allows the Department of Human Services to keep confidential investigatory records related to complaints against medical professionals after the investigation is completed and a report has been filed.
  • Senate Bill 179 exempts from disclosure estate records obtained by the Department of State Lands during the search for an heir.
  • Senate Bill 618 exempts military discharge records from public records disclosure."[1]

House Bill 2727[2] would prohibit public bodies from releasing information that could be used to identify holders of or applicants for concealed handgun licenses. Bill sponsors describe the measure as an "effort to protect gun owners."[3] The bill has the support of "half of the members of the Legislature, both Democrats and Republicans, signing on as co-sponsors."[4] Newspaper The Oregonian has editorialized opposing the bill, saying that "a list of vague fears and discomfort about public access to these records" is not reason enough to prohibit public access.[5]

The Open Books Oregon Project, also known as House Bill 2500, is bi-partisan legislation introduced on January 29, 2009 in the Oregon state legislature that will:

  • Create a comprehensive, free, searchable website for the state budget.
  • Salary categories for state workers, contracted programs and performance outcomes.

Sponsors include:

  • State Representative Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay).
  • State Representative Jefferson Smith (D-Portland).
  • State Representative Kim Thatcher (RKeizer,Newberg, St. Paul).

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