Oscar Magaña and Veronica Guardado recall, Maywood, California (2014)

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An effort to recall Mayor Oscar Magaña and city council member Veronica Guardado in Maywood, California from their positions was launched in early 2014.[1]

Recall proponent arguments

Recall proponents have accused Magaña and Guardado of the following:[2]

  • Hiring former Bell Assistant City Administrator Angela Spaccia as a temporary manager in 2010;
  • Turning Maywood Park over to a private group, the YMCA;
  • Paying two city employees a total of $360,000 a year;
  • Filing suit against the Los Angeles Unified School District in an unsuccessful attempt to halt the acquisition of homes for school construction on 58th Street; and
  • Opposing the construction of a new sheriff's station in the city.

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in California

The Maywood City Council approved an ordinance on April 14, 2013 establishing recall procedures. The city has claimed that recall proponents are circulating petitions not issued by the city, which is a violation of state election laws. Further, Tom Crunk, an official appointed by the city to oversee the recall process, claims that recall supporters "failed to timely file proofs of publication and two blank copies of each petition (as required by law), therefore the recalls initiated against Council members Veronica Guardado and Oscar Magaña have failed." Crunk contends that recall proponents must file new notices of intent in order to establish a legitimate recall effort.[2]

Recall proponents counter that the petitions they are circulating were approved by the city clerk.[2] Supporters had an appeal hearing before the Los Angeles County Superior Court scheduled for November 18, 2014.[3]

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