Osceola County Sales Tax Increase, 2009

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The Osceola County Sales Tax Increase is a ballot measure that was on the August 4, 2009 ballot in Osceola County, where it was approved.

  • Yes: 268 (53.4%)Approveda
  • No: 234 (46.6%)

The 1 cent sales tax increase was approved by voters in four areas, which include Ashton, Harris, Melvin and Ocheyedan, Iowa. Voter turnout in the four towns was approximately 30 percent, however a majority of those voters voted yes for the tax that would help improve streets, parks and city buildings in the county. The city of Ocheyedan, however, was the only place where they included specific uses of revenue in the ballot wording. According to Ochedeyan Mayor Arlyn Pedley: “The reason we specified particular areas is we were hoping people would be more apt to pass it knowing that it’s not just going to be thrown into the general fund and used at whim for whatever we wanted.”

The sales tax will take effect on January 1, 2010.[1]


The estimated revenue that will be collected from the sales tax in the four areas are:

  • Ocheyedan: $64,000
  • Harris: $21,600
  • Melvin: $29,700
  • Ashton: $55,400