Ottawa School District Bond Referendum (February 2010)

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An Ottawa School District Bond Referendum was on the February 2 ballot in LaSalle County for voters in the Ottawa school district.

This measure was approved

  • YES 2,481 (63%)Approveda
  • NO 1,483 (37%)[1]

This measure proposed a bond in the amount of $18.5 million which would go towards building projects throughout the district. The main project will be building a new Central School facilities building, replacing the 40 year old current building that flooded back in 2008. They are also receiving government money and insurance money to pay for the replacement building. Property taxes will increase by 37 cents per $100 dollars of value. The school board had set out to educate and inform the residents so that in February they would know what they were voting on and give the bond a better chance of being approved, or so the school hoped.[2]

An issue that had arisen in this project was that the school district did not know when or if they would get the federal school money that it had been promised. If they were able to get money from FEMA and from their insurance than the cost will be less for the residents to pay back. Regardless though, the district needed the building, with or without government money to spend.[3]