Over 2,300 measures featured on local ballots in November

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November 1, 2011

By Johanna Herman

2011 Local Ballot Measures
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Local measures are featured on ballots today, November 1, in Colorado and Florida. But elections don't end there. Local measures will also appear on November 8 ballots in Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Missouri, Florida and California. No measures will be on the ballots in Illinois.

Including the elections held on November 1, in Colorado and Florida, a total of near 2,400 measures will be decided throughout the states.

November 1

In Colorado, 158 measures are on the ballots throughout the state with 34 of those dealing with local school taxes or bond issues.

In Denver, the issue of mandatory paid sick leave for employees will be decided. Both sides have campaigned hard, businesses stating mandatory sick leave would hurt businesses but health groups and employees stating that having healthy workers is better for businesses. Also, in the city of Boulder, the issue to create a new city electricity utility has garnered the most debate. The city believes it could offer lower rates if they were able to provide electricity services to their residents.

In Florida, the 24 measures will just address charter amendment proposals in the city of Hialeah and Sarasota.

November 8

For the November 8 election next week, Ohio by far has the most issues to be decided, with the count at 1,709 throughout the state.

The measure getting the most news in Ohio is the streetcar referendum in Cincinnati. Voters had already passed a measure to allow the streetcars in the city, but opponents were able to again place a measure which would stop funding for the proposed plans. City officials state the streetcars would help boost the economy, opponents say it is just too costly without that much benefit.

In Arizona there are 47 listed measures and most of the measures deal with school issues. Most school districts are asking for budget overrides, allowing them to collect more revenues. In Florida most of the seventeen listed measures deal with charter amendments in regards to different issues.

Michigan has 160 measures listed on their ballots, with 49 of those dealing with school bonds and taxes in various areas. Kalamazoo will have a measure deal with marijuana possession, advocates want pot possession to be the lowest crime in the city, though police officials note that this measure would really not make a difference in their job duties.

Missouri has just 14 measures listed, the Kansas City Zoo has gotten the most news coverage so far. Zoo advocates are seeking a dedicated Zoo tax which would help pay for new exhibits and expansion projects for the Zoo. Though the city lies in four counties, just two of them placed the measure on the ballot, Friends of the Zoo is still trying to get the other two counties to pay into the tax as well if the measure gets approved.

In Oregon there are 43 measures on the ballot, just 3 concern school issues. Clackamas County has two competing measures for urban renewal, one seeks a county wide vote on urban renewal and the other seeks a local vote. Residents had petitioned for the county wide vote on urban renewal and the county countered the measure with the local vote.

In Washington, 130 measures will be voted on throughout the state; only 6 of those measure will be on school issues. Red Light cameras have been hotly debated, the cities of Longview will have three measures about red light cameras and the city of Bellingham will also have a measure about cameras.

Wisconsin has just 14 listed measures, all are about school measures both bonds and taxes.

Results for ten listed measures will be followed on election night on November 8 (click here), the rest of the county results will be updated as soon as results are available.
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