PA state senator seeks to standardize ballot access requirements

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August 31, 2010

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania: This year Pennsylvania voters will not see any third-party candidates for Governor or State Senate, a fact that is not lost on Sen. Mike Folmer. In 2009, Folmer introduced a bill that would standardize ballot access requirements regardless of party. On August 23 a rally was held at the state capitol rotunda in support of his bill, SB 252, known as the Voters Choice Act.[1]

Folmer, a Republican, said that the system is unfair and undemocratic. This year third-party candidates were required to collect 19,082 signatures to get on the ballot, while Democrats and Republicans only needed 2,000. Folmer stated, "If I could get it to the floor for a vote, who could vote against it? How do you go back to your district and say 'you know, I voted against free access to the ballot for all candidates in Pennsylvania.' That would be horrible. So it's a vote that they don't want to have up."[2]

The general election will take place on November 2.


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