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Paul Pfeifer
Court Information:
Ohio Supreme Court
Title:   Justice
Salary:  $142,000
Selection:   Elected
Active:   1993-2017
Past post:   Attorney in private practice
Past term:   1972-1992
Past post 2:   State Senator, Ohio State Senate
Past term 2:   1976-1992
Personal History
Born:   10/15/1942
Party:   Republican
Undergraduate:   The Ohio State University, 1963
Law School:   The Ohio State University, 1966

Paul E. Pfeifer is a justice on the Ohio Supreme Court. Pfeifer was first elected to the court in 1992, and he took office on January 2, 1993. He was retained by voters in 1998, 2004 and 2010. Pfeifer's current term expires on January 1, 2017.[1]


Pfeifer earned a B.A. in economics, political science, and history from the Ohio State University in 1963 and his J.D. from the Ohio State University College of Law in 1966.[2]


Death penalty in Ohio

In 2010, Pfeifer said that all cases for inmates on Ohio's Death Row should be reviewed to determine which ones could be converted to life in prison without parole. It is his opinion that "[t]he only reason we have a death penalty is society demands retribution. . . . I never made the argument that it was a deterrent. You can't prove it with numbers."[3]

One interesting aspect of Pfeifer's recent statements is that he was one of the state senators to bring back the law allowing the death penalty in 1981, after the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional.[3]



Main article: Ohio judicial elections, 2010

Pfeifer was re-elected after running unopposed.[4][5]

Candidate Incumbent
Paul Pfeifer ApprovedA Yes


Pfeifer was re-elected to the court after running unopposed.[6]

Candidate Incumbent
Paul Pfeifer ApprovedA Yes


Pfeifer defeated Ronald Suster, winning 71.38% of the vote.[7]

Candidate IncumbentSeatPartyElection %
Paul Pfeifer ApprovedA YesTerm commencing January 2, 1999Republican71.4%
Ronald Suster NoTerm commencing January 2, 1999Democratic28.6%


Pfeifer defeated John T. Patton with 53% of the vote.[8]

Candidate IncumbentSeatPartyElection %
Paul Pfeifer ApprovedA NoTerm commencing on January 2, 1993Republican53.0%
John T. Patton NoTerm commencing on January 2, 1993Democratic47.0%

Campaign Contributions

The complete list of contributions for all of Pfeifer's campaigns may be found at: Follow The Money

Political ideology

See also: Political ideology of State Supreme Court Justices

In October 2012, political science professors Adam Bonica and Michael Woodruff of Stanford University attempted to determine the partisan ideology of state supreme court justices in their paper, State Supreme Court Ideology and 'New Style' Judicial Campaigns. A score above 0 indicated a more conservative leaning ideology while scores below 0 are more liberal. Pfeifer received a Campaign finance score (CFscore) of 0.26, indicating a conservative ideological leaning. This is less conservative than the average CF score of 0.62 that justices received in Ohio. The study is based on data from campaign contributions by judges themselves, the partisan leaning of contributors to the judges or, in the absence of elections, the ideology of the appointing body (governor or legislature). This study is not a definitive label of a justice, but an academic gauge of various factors.[9]

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