Pelham Fire Station Vote (2009)

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A Pelham Fire Station Vote, on the question of whether to "raise and appropriate the sum of $4,700,000 for the purpose of erecting a Fire Station" in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, was on the March 10, 2009 ballot in the town of Pelham, where it was defeated.[1]

The vote will be the third year in a row that residents have voted on the same question. The previous two times, the idea was also rejected.[2]

A 60% vote was necessary for approval.

  • Yes: 1,057
  • No: 1,734

Over the last year, Pelham has collected $175,000 in so-called impact fees from residential developers to pay for a new fire station. If a new fire station is not built, the town will have to return that money.

In March 2008, a proposal to built a $4.3 million fire station on the Mills Property off the Village Green failed, with 2,225 in favor and 1,669 opposed.[3]