Pennsylvania Governor urges statewide referendum for constitutional convention

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January 15, 2010

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania is in the midst of a budget crisis, according to reports, and Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell is looking toward a constitutional convention question in the fall to help solve it. Rendell has been a proponent of a constitutional convention, and will try to pressure legislature to send the measure to the November 2, 2010 ballot.[1]

If sent to the ballot and enacted by voters, the convention would not appear until 2011. According to Tim Potts, member of Democracy Rising PA, a constitutional convention would alter the procedures in legislature, which would create a positive outcome. According to Potts, “I'm skeptical that things will get any better in 2010 in terms of the budget. Having gone through the 2009 ordeal [with the late budget], they should be ready to try a different approach, but there is no reason to believe they will.”

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