Pennsylvania beefs up road safety legislation

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October 31, 2011


HARRISBURG, PA: A new law is scheduled to take effect in the Keystone state on December 25, 2011. Gov. Tom Corbett signed HB9 into law, limiting the number of passengers allowed in vehicles operated by teenage drivers and increasing the practice hours required for would-be drivers from 50 to 65. The law also makes not wearing a seatbelt a primary offense for anyone under the age of 18, meaning that police officers no longer need another reason to pull someone over.

In a statement to the press, Corbett defended the legislation. "Teen drivers out there may feel that they are being singled out by this bill and, the fact is, they are..."[1] Another road safety bill has passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and will head to the state senate for a vote. The bill prohibits the use of "interactive wireless communication devices for reading, writing or sending text messages while driving."[2] Other traffic-related legislation under consideration includes legalizing the enforcement of traffic laws with the aid of cameras; creating a "careless driving" offense for driving while using the phone, eating, or drinking; and requiring motorists to remove ice and snow from their vehicles.[3]


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