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In March of 2010, Sunshine Review sent Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to all 102 counties in Illinois, focusing on ten of the most populous counties in the state.

Peoria County asked for an extension, for a total of ten days to respond. The county originally gave a FOIA response[1] with partial entries for payments to associations (for example, "National Association of"). This was brought to the county's attention, and the county FOI officer sent a list of full entries within two days.[2] This list is also incomplete.[2] Sunshine Review did not ask for clarification of the second list, but the county's collaboration and responsiveness throughout the process makes it clear that it would have responded promptly with full information if asked.

The county disclosed membership dues to government sector lobbying associations for 2009. Sunshine Review requested dues paid since January 1, 2005.

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