Petition drive deadline arrives for initiated state statutes in Michigan

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May 30, 2012


By Eric Veram

LANSING, Michigan: Wednesday, May 30, marks the final day to submit signed petitions to the Michigan Secretary of State for initiated state statutes in order to be considered for the November 2012 ballot. In order to obtain ballot access, measure supporters must submit 258,087 valid signatures, or 8% of the total number of votes cast for the office of Governor at the last election.

Two such initiatives were potential measures for this year, however, both appear to have abandoned their campaigns. The first is the Michigan Mining Restriction Measure, an initiative that failed to gather enough signatures for the 2010 ballot. According to supporters at the time, they would be focusing on an effort to put the measure up for vote in 2012, however, that appears unlikely.

The second measure is the Michigan Public Employment Relations Repeal Initiative and it belongs to a host of other initiatives proposed by the to Transform Michigan. According to the sponsoring committee's website, efforts to collect signatures were abandoned due to a shortage of funding.

UPDATE: According to the Michigan Secretary of State's office no signatures were submitted today[1], meaning that no initiated state statutes will appear on the November ballot. However, supporters of initiated constitutional amendments have until July 9 to turn in signatures.

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