Peyton School District Bond Measures, 2 (November 2011)

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Two Peyton School District Bond Measures were on the November 1, 2011 ballot in the Peyton school district area which is in Elbert and El Paso Counties.

Both measures were defeated

The first measure sought to issue a bond in the amount of $2.6 million in order to pay for construction of new buildings, furnishing and equipping the new buildings, renovate the kitchen facilities and parking lots as needed as well as expand the water treatment system.

  • YES 15
  • NO 31 Defeatedd

El Paso

  • YES 476 (43.55%)
  • NO 611 (55.45%)Defeatedd

The second measure sought to issue a bond in the amount of $750,000 in order to pay for renovation and new equipment costs for the former middle school building which has been converted to a vocational education services facility.[1]

  • YES 16
  • NO 31 Defeatedd[2]

El Paso

  • YES 472 (43.18%)
  • NO 606 (55.72%)Defeatedd[3]

School officials noted that if the first bond was approved, they could also receive matching funds from the state to help with the proposed projects. Officials also noted that the upgrades were needed to ensure the health and safety of the students in the district. The school had previously tried to pass the first bond measure, but it was defeated. Proponents were more hopeful this year as the ballot text was more precise in what the money would be used for.[4]

Current Statewide

A 2013 statewide measure, Amendment 66, would authorize Colorado to increase taxes with an expected revenue increase of $950 million for school funding.[5]