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The Platte Institute for Economic Research (PIER) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and education organization in Nebraska. Its "mission is to advance alternatives that foster limited government, personal responsibility and free enterprise for Nebraska."[1]

Policy areas

PIER initially has four areas of research focus, issuing publications on each:[2]

  • Tax policy and spending - "The Platte Institute studies ideas with potential for growing Nebraska's economy by emphasizing free enterprise solutions."
  • Nebraska's educational structure - PIER will prsent "fresh recommendations on ways to leverage the many positive aspects of Nebraska's educational structure to energize economic growth."
  • Controlling health care spending - "ideas that promote competition and innovative relationships."
  • Managing the state's water resources- "focus on long term ideas and solutions that protect this vital resource while leveraging it for economic growth."

"Unicameral Votes"

Unicameral Votes is a website created by PIER in 2008. Its purpose is "to become the hub of a statewide network through which taxpayers can share, analyze and compare data from the capitol."[3]

The site provides unbiased information on a number of topics related to the Nebraska legislature, including bills, senators, committees, constitutional officers, nominations, and hearing calendar.


Funding for PIER comes from contributions and private grants. It does not accept any governmental money.[1]

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