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Plymouth Town Local Meal Tax (January 2010)

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There was a Plymouth Town Local Meal Tax proposition on the January 19 ballot in Plymouth County for voters in the city of Plymouth.

This measure failed with nearly 80 percent of voters against the tax.
YES 4,139
NO 16,408 Defeatedd[1]

This proposition asked voters if they wanted to approve a .75 percent tax on local meals. Those in favor cited that the tax would go towards helping offset local and state revenue cuts over the next few years due to the recession. Opponents said that as long as the town has been in existence there has been no tax so why is the city saying there is a need now. Business owners who barely make ends meet will feel this tax the most, they will have to compete with those other local restaurants in neighboring towns that do not have the extra tax. The tax is expected to give $266,000 to the city during the first year.[2]

The date of this election was moved from December 2009 to January 2010 in order to coincide with the state Senate elections, saving the town about $22,000. Due to needing to fill the vacant Senate seat, by allowing the two elections to be held together the town is not worried about experienced poll workers or getting people out to vote.[3]